Property tax planning

Specialist advice to protect the income and value of your property assets

Over the past few decades, property ownership has become a common way for people to invest for both the income it generates but also for the long term investment value and for retirement.  Over the same period, the tax burden and compliance obligations have also evolved significantly.  This also applies where your main home is at the centre of your property ownership.  Failure to take account of either can be costly. 

There is a myriad of taxes and subsequent tax implications of being a landlord, property investor, property developer or an overseas property owner.  Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift towards limiting the reliefs and benefits associated with property ownership and property development including the likes of VAT and the Construction Industry Scheme. 

We are on hand to talk through the implications of the different ways of holding property, whether it be personally, through a company, through a trust or a SIPP or even transferring between these.  Our approach to first understand the reasons behind why you acquired the property and then work from there to explain the ever changing compliance obligations placed property owners and the possible tax planning opportunities available and the impact of these.


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