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Business Intelligence Reporting

Spreadsheets no longer provide adequate solutions for a business owner looking to accurately analyse and utilise the business information available. That’s where business intelligence reporting comes into play – to collect data effectively and transform insight into action.

What is business intelligence reporting?

Business intelligence reporting, or BI reporting, is the process of gathering data by utilising different software and tools to extract relevant insights. Ultimately, it provides suggestions and observations about business trends, empowering decision-makers to act. Consequently, you can develop a more strategic approach to your business decisions and gather insights that would have otherwise remain overlooked.

There are a number of advantages a company can gain if they approach their reporting correctly and strategically. The main goal of BI reports is to deliver comprehensive data that can be easily accessed, interpreted, and provide actionable insights.

To get the best from any business intelligence reports, it is important that the data behind the reporting is robust, current and has integrity.

Integration to a good book keeping and accounting software will provide an added advantage and time saving benefits when producing and utilising business intelligence reports.  Xero works seamlessly with our preferred business intelligence reporting partner, Futrli.

Furtli not only provides a suite of pre-defined business intelligence reports, as it is backed by powerful AI capabilities, it can be used for bespoke reporting and for effective forecasting reporting.


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