Electronic data management

Taking your paperwork into the digital age

A continual challenge facing many businesses today is receiving many different types of invoices and expenses. Some arrive on paper with your orders, others are faxed, some come attached to emails, and others arrive in electronic formats such as EDI.  This becomes administratively difficult to manage and process efficiently.

Finding a way to standardise your invoicing process is key to making this less laborious and more automated and that means finding a way to capture the data from different invoice sources and get it all into one system.

Rather than manually capturing data which is known to be error prone and still involve a lot of paperwork, DRS works closely with Autoentry that captures data electronically and automatically enters it into your book keeping system. This system will scan paper invoices and recognise key fields to capture all the relevant information. It will also streamline multiple types of electronic information so you can process all invoices the same way.

Using automated software for your business can mean cost savings, efficiencies, greater reporting and transparency, but only if used in the right way and just getting all your information into one system isn’t always enough.

You need a data capture system that is accurate and connects with a reliable system for processing the invoices. AP automation, coupled with data capture technology, can help make this whole process a lot easier.  That is why we have partnered with Autoentry to be our software provider as they are committed to ensuring the system works smoothly for all our clients.

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