Cashflow forecasting

Equipping your business with the data to navigate the future

A cash flow forecast is a plan that provides information about how much money a business expects to receive over a given time period, along with the amount expects to pay out over that same period. This differs from a profit and loss account because the latter is based on historical data rather than predicted data.

A forecast can help a business to anticipate revenue shortfalls so that the business can plan ahead.  It is also a useful tool to help when planning for expansion or focus on scalability.

A Cash Flow Forecast

  1. provides insight into business earnings.
  2. can predict the state of your financial health.
  3. can help businesses plan for significant investment and expansion.
  4. helps you to see if spending is on target.
  5. provides investors with an opportunity to review the financial health of a company.
  6. makes it easier to see all of your options.

When you look through the looking glass to create a cash flow forecast, then you can hypothesise any scenario that you think might happen with your business and reinforce the decisions that may need to happen in the future.

A cash flow forecast can be a useful tool that helps businesses spot times of financial trouble. This statement can also spot the good times ahead, allowing companies to know when they can stash some liquidity away during an upswing in opportunities

There are several software tools available for businesses of any size to begin automating the processes needed to generate a cash flow forecast. Instead of crunching the numbers manually, spreadsheets can disappear allowing business owners can spend more time on other factors that help to grow the business.

We have partnered with Fluidly to provide a smart and powerful cashflow forecasting and budgeting solution.


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