Family run businesses

Bringing business and family together

In the UK, the greatest proportion of all businesses and employers in the private sector are family owned. Growing and running a family business can present many unique family business challenges and requires a considered business approach and way of thinking.  This is in addition to the day to day challenges or running a business and adapting to the ever changing world of red tape imposed on family run companies.

Many family businesses do not have succession plans in place or a thought to how the owners can and will exit the business down the road and a number do not survive the handover to later generations, therefore specialist advice, and planning can be crucial.

DRS can assist family businesses through the process of succession, managing conflict and disagreements, improving communication and governance and putting appropriate measures in place to ensure fair returns to all family members in a sensitive and understanding way. We also work with the next generation, educating and preparing them for the future so that your family business can continue successfully for years to come, should it be required.

We offer best practice advice, lots of experience, we understand the challenges you face and we can deliver on all the accounting services as well as strategic planning you need.


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